Packing for Macedonia



1 pair of teacher shoes

1 pair of running shoes

1 pair of chacos

1 pair of leather hiking boots (wearing on plane for more room)



1 tent (two person)

1 stove (light weight)

1 backpacking pot

1 sleeping bag

1 sleeping bag liner

1 backpacking pack (70 L)

1 backpack (40 L)

1 water filter

1 mesh eating kit

2 reusable bags

3 Nalgene waterbottles

2 quick dry backpacking towels

1 field hockey stick

1 field hockey ball

1 headlamp

1solarpowered flash light

1 pair rain pants

1 raincoat

2 rain pack covers (40L and 80L)

Sleeping pad

1 swimming suit




1 computer

1 external hard drive

2 flash drives

1 ipod touch

1 camera

Favorite CDs and DVDs

1 alarm clock

1 plug-in converter

1 portable speaker



Dry erase markets (3)

Stickers (400)

USA candy: double bubble, snickers, milky ways, pop rocks, American flag mints

Colorado postcards (20)

American flag (mini sized)

Ghanaian flag

Variety of seed packs

Stationary (30)

2 American Bandanas

Fun pencils (40)

Note cards (300)

5 lbs of gummy bears, trust me, needed

1 pack of dried mangoes (they are my love)

1 world map

small pouch with coins from all over



2 pairs of gloves

2 warm hats

1 warm headband

3 scarves (one all the way from turkey, thank you Mollie Rappé, and another from India, thank you Liz Lancaster)

1 belt

1 Peace Bandana (not to be cliché or anything)

6 pairs of wool socks

5 pairs of running/work socks

2 pairs of pantyhose

1 pair of jeggings

3 pairs of kaki pants

2 pairs of jeans

2 light jackets

2 heavy jackets (can handle below 40 degrees on their own)

2 nice jackets for teaching)

4 nice long sleeve shirts (2 of which are turtlenecks)


1 pair of corduroy pants

4 dresses for teaching (one worthy of nice events)

2 pairs of long underwear

1 skirt

5 pairs of shorts

1 pair of spandex shorts

5 dressy shirts

5 causal shirts



Tampons and Pads (hopefully enough)

1 bottle of shampoo

1 tube of toothpaste

1 bottle of mouthwash

1 bottle of all-purpose soap

Meds of sorts



2 pairs of glasses

10 pairs of contacts

1 pair of sunglasses

Monkey Wrench Gang, wanna read this book so badly!



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