Thankful (falënderues) and Grateful (mirënjohës)

This Thanksgiving I find myself laying next to the fire and drinking hot chocolate as it is snowing thick, fluffy snow. This morning I woke up early to find snow on the ground. I got ready and enjoyed my tea while watching the snow fall from the sky. This is my first snowfall in America since…well…a long time.

I had a wonderful friend from high school pick me up and I ran a 4 mile fun run with her and her sister. It was amazing to run with many other people that share the joys of running just like me. I heard the national anthem for the first time since I swore in to become a Peace Corps Volunteer. As snow was falling on my face and I was looking all around me, I thought I was in some kind of dream. Here I was in the downtown of my hometown running a race with two great friends from high school.

Sometimes I am super prepared for things and sometimes I am underprepared beyond belief. I remembered to bring my yaktraks to Colorado for the week. I ran in them this morning and was grateful to avoid slipping and sliding too much. The crisp air and everyone cheering me on was delightful.

I am so thankful to be surrounded by the love of my parents, friends, brother, sister, and loved ones as I adjust back into the world of the United States.

Right now the bird is in the oven and all the other amazing side dishes are being prepared or waiting until the bird is ready. The warmth of the fire by my side and the complete calmness I find within.

As I venture into the future I want to reflect on several things.

First, I am so grateful that I have a warm place to live and wonderful food I can celebrate with. Refugees around the world don’t have access to the necessities. Take a look at one of the major country’s refugee population’s home:

It is important to look at where you are at and reflect on where other people are at in the world. My home country and the other neighboring countries are impacted greatly by the people seeking asylum. Here’s an article about that region:

Second of all, I am ever so grateful for everyone that has supported me in my last two years of service and has held my hand as I have tried to adjust back.

List of things I am grateful for:

  1. Family
  2. Seeing my brother and sister again for Christmas!
  3. Friends
  4. Food (ha the three Fs)
  5. Running outside and not having to worry about stray dogs
  6. Blending in (I do miss standing out oddly though)
  7. Central Heating
  8. Allowed in coffee shops anywhere
  9. Baking with all the American ingredients
  10. Cooking in America
  11. New friends I am making in Las Vegas
  12. Friends I have been able to see and ones I will be able to see soon
  13. Loving Life
  14. The beauty of Colorado
  15. Learning how to live on my own
  16. I could keep going…but I am going to just say I am grateful for my past and present well-being!

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone far away from home and to anyone very close to home! Gezuar! Cheers!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving here is a great read on being grateful this thanksgiving:







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