Lion Hearted, SEE YOU LATER; never goodbye

A great friend in the Peace Corps left me a poem in my Peace Corps office mailbox a while ago. I didn’t get it until recently when this same friend talked about me in an inspirational way. You know how some people have the gift of seeing people for who they are at their best. These people can see someone’s strengths and ignore their weaknesses.

In honor of this dear friend I am going to write this quote down:

“A Poem for Jesse

your face like

summer lightning

gets caught in my voice

and I draw you up from

deep rivers

taste eery face if a

thousand names

see you smile

a new season

hear your voice

a wild sea pausing in the wind.”

I have a shoe box full of letters, photos, and different maps from where I have traveled. This letter was found in my shoebox today. I cried while reading it because it made me realize how lucky I am. I am lucky to have amazing friends that surround me every single day.

I thought about tributing this blog post to all the precious people that have touched my heart here in Macedonia. This number is overwhelming. Each and everyone of these people have seen me at a low. They have also shared a high with me. How lucky I am I am indeed.

I haven’t blogged in a really long time because the summer took my hand and ran with me all over the place.

I went on a trip to Italy and was able to see so many amazing places. I went on a trip from Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, to Serbia. I ran a summer camp in my village and I was an instructor at the young men’s leadership camp. I had an amazing friend, Jessie Pearl, come and visit. I have been able to explore the amazing Sharri Mountains right in my backyard countless times.

This summer has been a whirlwind landing me with only two precious months left in the country.

To my sitemates:

Jordan, David, Casey, Enid, Carly, Dave, Bonnie, Stacie, Sarah, and Hannah

Thank you guys for being there for me.

Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me to start off my time in the states very chaotically,

To volunteers that have supported me through my ups and downs vigorously: (excluding sitemates):

Jake, Britt, Alanna, Emily, Dan, Nick, Chris, Shea, Tara

Thank you for being my light.

Thank you for being my energy.

Thank you for being encouragement even when you didn’t know it.

To the MAK 18 Group:

You all have been the best co-volunteers I could ever ask for! Thank you for being inspiration every single day for me.

To other MAK Groups:

You are the reason why I came and why I persevered later in my service.

To all the HCNs:

Thank you for teaching me how to shine bright without permission! ❤

In honor of all these amazing people I have learned a song and performed in through this link. I hope you enjoy!

Video of See You Again


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