Long Time…No Write

Hello one and all!

I am alive and well, just busy with many transitions and trying to apply and work on different projects for my school and community.

IMG_4941 IMG_4940 IMG_4939 IMG_4936

First order of busy…I have moved. Long story short. I moved. One year in one village and this next year in another village. These two villages are right next to each other and I teach at both schools. I am living with a different host family and they are as sweet as can be! This family has four people living in this cosy and friendly house. From youngest to oldest:

Fjolla: my youngest host sister who is in 7th grade. Her English is excellent and her curiosity for music, life, and anything is contagious. I already love her with all my heart. We have a cat, named Kitty, who she finds every free moment cuddling with.


The amazing cat: Kiity

Alba: my older host sister, who is still younger than me, but is in the 2nd year of high school. She is at the medicine high school and very serious about her studies. She is passionate about art and music as well.


Me, Fjolla, and Alba

Host father: my father is an art teacher and a junior high in a nearby village. He loves to paint and is very, very artistic. He loves to joke around and has a very accepting personality.

Host mother: my mother is patient, kind, and is always smiling politely with me. She is all about eating healthy and loves to talk about what I eat and why I eat it. She was an Albanian teacher before she had kids, which is very rare to find women with degrees as her age. She loves reading books.

This new family is very pleasant and I can’t wait to experience a full year with them!

In other news, I have been working really hard on a hopefully grant for my school. We are applying for a smart board that all the teachers will get trained in using. Along with the smart board hope, we have painted the lab, redone the flooring of the lab, gotten a shelf donation, and expanded the materials for all the English teachers. It is has taken a lot of energy, but completely worth it!


I am still continuing with the running club, and the boys and girls basketball clubs.

The practice for the play Peter Pan has been hard, but is going pretty darn well. We hope to use a nearby school’s theatre to perform the play in December.


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